3 comments on “How to Make Star Trek CCG Fun… Again

  • This is a great article and I can not agree more! Yes, the addition of objectives, incidents etc… allows for some interesting stradegies it prolongs game play. Your opponent will spend literally “hours” watching you try to organize your down loads, and review the objectives your playing. Making the game long and drawn out! Bringing it back to game we initially feel in love with is the perfect remedy!

    • Thanks for agreeing with me Matthew. Perhaps there will be tournaments that will only allow players to utilize the cards from the first three sets, or maybe there already is… I do, however, know that The Continuing Committee is doing a decent job creating new virtual sets and revising the rules of gameplay and its mechanics.

  • After your alterations you’re basically playing 2e. It’s really a much better game, you should give it a chance. Oh, and in 1e you can include as many copies of a card as you want in your deck. 2e limits you to 3 of each title.


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